Learn to make sushi like a Professional

at the Sushi Workshop of the Sushimeester

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Since 2003 we have learned many how to make sushi and we still do that with a lot of passion and pleasure. We organize Sushi Workshops throughout the Netherlands at fixed locations and also on location, whether that is for a business or a private event. You provide tables and we will organize the rest.

When we have English speaking attendants we do the workshop simultaneously in Dutch and English. If we have English speaking attendants only, the workshop will be given in English.

Here is what we do in Sushi Workshop Basic:

If you are coming alone or with a group, take a look at our Agenda

What happens in the Basic Sushi Workshop

During the Sushi Workshop we provide a lot of background information about the different types of sushi and the associated names. You will also receive this information on paper, so that you can read it later. That way you don’t have to worry about missing important information and you don’t have to remember everything.

We teach you various nigiri sushi

The nigiri sushi are ideal to get you acquainted with the sticky sushi rice. Nigiris are the elongated balls of rice that often have a topping. You learn techniques to shape the rice in such a way without it sticking to anything. You will receive a sushi tray to put the most beautiful sushi that you have made and eat the less successful ones …

gunkan maki bij de sushi workshop van de sushimeester

Gunkan maki

The Gunkan maki is the boat sushi. ideal for your creativity because you can put any combination of ingredients in it. 

The Gunkan maki is of course a bit more difficult, but this will also work out step by step.

Maki sushi

Maki sushi is the famous sushi roll with the nori on the outside. With the maki you will leearn techniques on how to use the sushi rolling mat. Once you understand the rolling technique nothing will stand in your way to make the most colourful and delicious sushi rolls


Inside out-roll !

The Uramaki, or the sushi rolls with the rice on the outside are perfect to make the most tasty ones. Be aware that you will get addicted once we show you what kind of ingredients and herbs we use..

In addition to the techniques, we also tell you the tricks to make and present these very nicely. Ultimately, with a beautiful composition and presentation your sushi will be even more tastier.


We have organized many kinds of Sushi workshops, small / large, MEGA large, at the craziest places.

Feel free to ask, we have experienced a lot.

Ask us ..

Sushimeester in actie tijdens de sushi workshop

What does an individual participation cost?

29,00 per partcipant

  • The duration of the Sushi workshop is 3 hours
  • 2 hours making and tasting and 1 hour remake
  • Including recipes to start at home professionally