Learn to make sushi like a Professional

at the Sushi Workshop of the Sushimeester

A word from the

Since 2003 we have learned many how to make sushi ourselves and we still do that with a lot of passion and pleasure. We organize Sushi workshops throughout the Netherlands at fixed locations. We also like to come to your home or work. You provide tables and chairs and we bring everything the rest. We will do our utmost to provide you with a pleasant and educational workshop. You can read more about what happens during the Sushi workshop later on this page.

If you are coming alone or with a group, take a look at our Agenda

What does an individual participation cost?

29,00 per deelnemer (Amsterdam)

Including a Sushi gift of your choice: Sushi rice, Rice vinegar, Nori leaves, Sushi mat, Wasabi, Soy sauce, Sesame seeds ..

39,00 per deelnemer (Leusden en Zwijndrecht)

Including a Sushi gift of your choice: Sushi rice, Rice vinegar, Nori leaves, Sushi mat, Wasabi, Soy sauce, Sesame seeds ..

Paar punten op een rij

  • The Sushi workshop lasts 3,5 hours
  • 2.5 hours is making under supervision (and eating!)
  • Last hour is free round (including stock to take with you)
  • Including recipes and information about products when you get started at home

How can you sign up?

How does our Sushi Workshop work?

During the Sushi Workshop we provide a lot of background information about the different types of sushi and the associated names. You will also receive this information on paper, so that you can read it later. That way you don’t have to worry about missing important information and you don’t have to remember everything.

We start with the nigiri sushi

Nigiri = grijpen


We start with a number of nigiri sushi’s to get used to the sticky sushi rice. Nigiris are the elongated balls of rice that often have a topping. You learn techniques to shape the rice in such a way without it sticking to anything. You will receive a sushi tray to put the most beautiful sushi that you have made. You can quickly eat the less successful ones …!

gunkan maki bij de sushi workshop van de sushimeester

Gunkan maki

Gunkan = schip


After we have become acquainted with the sushi rice, we will make the Gunkan maki. The Gunkan maki is a sushi in the shape of a ship.

The Gunkan maki is of course a bit more difficult, but this will also work out step by step.

Maki sushi


Now we are increasing the pressure slightly and it is the turn of the sushi mat. We make different types of maki and explain how you can use a sushi mat. We explain all those different sushi names during the Sushi workshop and we give you the information so that you can always read it back. The sushi mats also include the nori sheets, and we also tell you what the characteristics are, how you can deal with it and what you should pay special attention to.

In the meantime you are collecting your most beautiful sushi in your take-away tray and eating the less successful ones.

maki sushirol bij de sushi workshop van de sushimeester
INSIDE out sushirol bij de sushi workshop van de sushimeester

Inside out-roll !


You are proud of yourself, but we go much further. Now it’s the turn of the inside-out sushi, you know, the one with the rice on the outside.

You will apply all the techniques you learned in the previous sushi to the inside-out roll. Here you will be rewarded for having paid careful attention to making the previous sushi. And of course you will also learn new skills with this sushi.

In addition to the techniques, we also tell you the tricks to make and present these very nicely. Ultimately, the composition and presentation is just as important as the taste.

Rainbow Sushi rol

You are in the final. After discovering the secrets of this sushi, your life will never be the same again.

There is nothing to stop you from presenting the nicest sushi with the tastiest ingredients to family and friends at your most special moments.

Your family and friends will adore you. Guaranteed!

In the meantime you will notice that you are quite full of all those sushi snacks.

Rainbow SUSHI roll bij de sushi workshop van de sushimeester
De start van de sushi workshop van de sushimeester

What if I am allergic to seafood or if I am pregnant or vegetarian?

6 Every participant in the Sushi Workshop gets his own workplace, own ingredients and own Japanese tableware. If you have special requirements regarding ingredients, let us know and we will provide a customized ingredient scale for you.


And what if I don't like fish or seafood products?

Do you not like fish and / or seaweed that is used during the sushi workshop but you want to learn how to make sushi without these ingredients?

We will even teach you that during the Sushi Workshop.

Do you want to make the entire Sushi workshop with the alternative ingredients, let us know!

avocado komkommer tijdens de sushiworkshop van de sushimeester
Sushimeester in actie tijdens de sushi workshop

Do you have any questions?

We have organized many kinds of Sushi workshops, small / large, MEGA large, in the craziest places.

Feel free to ask, we have experienced a lot.

Mail or call us, info@sushimeester.nl or 078 – 747 00 25 (whatsapp 06-86156808) or fill in the form on the contact page. contactpage.

Curious about our Sushi recipes? (Dutch)

Sushi recept sushi rijst recept